We delivers a customized cloud environment for you to control your business applications and data with secure access for all your employees from anywhere, from any device, via any internet or private connection. Their virtual office wherever they are.

Our  Cloud Workspace is a managed Hosted Virtual Desktop solution. The solution is hosted in an a certified data center and all the applications and data are integrated on centralized virtual servers. This is a subscription based model and the workspace can be customized for your business, while you maintain complete control over security policies and directory permissions.

Immediate access to hundreds of the most popular applications and customize your solution with software and applications of your choice.

Cloud Workspace

  • Significantly reduce operating costs and eliminate capital expenditures by eliminating on-site servers, software and maintenance
  • Increase employee productivity by empowering mobile workers to access their corporate applications from any device via any internet connection
  • Eliminate complex security challenges to protect your clients confidential information within compliant processes and infrastructure
  • IT infrastructure that’s centralized, consistent and agile for best-in-class technologies supported by industry-leading controls


Lower costs:

  • Eliminate capital expenditures on servers, networking technology, and software
  • Lower IT operating costs – eliminate upgrades and maintenance costs on internal hardware and software
  • Reclaim data center real estate, reduce power/cooling expenses
  • Predictable IT budget based on monthly subscription fees, without costly surprises
  • Economically scale operations up or down as seasonal/temporary employees and interns on monthly fees, not annual fees

Eliminate complex security challenges:

  • Safeguarding sensitive client data and internal information within a certified data center facility
  • Security monitoring for immediate remediation from viruses, malware and other malicious intruders
  • Centralized data storage minimizes risks of data confidentiality when devices are lost or stolen
  • Easy to customize security policies and clearances for all employees and to quickly modify as necessary

Improve Employee Productivity:

  • Mobile workforce stays on-line with a virtual office with any internet connected device
  • Enables telecommuting with full access to applications and data
  • Software upgrades on centralized servers available to all users immediately and eliminates downtime waiting for device reconfiguration

IT infrastructure that’s centralized, consistent and agile:

  • Best-in-class technologies supported by industry-leading controls
  • Fully managed, redundant data center with automated backup and disaster recovery
  • Empowers IT staff to focus on strategic revenue generating initiatives and frees them from many internal support issues
  • Process controls and infrastructure ensures IT privacy requirements are being met and penalties avoided

Supports mobile and telecommuting workforce

  • Secure, instant access to files, applications and email from any public internet or private connection
  • Connect with any company owned or personal device

Highly secure infrastructure

  • Protect your data from walking away on laptops and mobile devices
  • Certified security experts, infrastructure monitoring for immediate remediation from viruses and other malware
  • Customized security policies and directory permissions for all employees

Business Continuity

  • Fully redundant data storage and routine back-up
  • Disaster Recovery protection

Cost effective experience

  • Technical support
  • Fixed monthly fee per user

Customized Solution

  • Customized workspace environment
  • Customized applications
  • Unlimited installation and management of new applications