According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, the average cost of downtime for mid-size businesses is $74,000 an hour. For small businesses it’s $6,900 an hour. For large companies it’s $1,130,000 an hour.**

How much will your business lose if it isn’t prepared for artificial or natural disasters with a robust disaster recovery solution? Now is always the best time to seek a solution that secures your business data, applications and operating systems by continuously replicating your primary servers to a secondary data center.

Don’t have a secondary data center? We do. And with our state-of-the art Cloud Disaster Recovery solution, you do, too.

Cloud Disaster Recovery affordably and securely stores your IT assets offsite in our data centers.


Why Choose Cloud Disaster Recovery?

  • Continuous replication of your primary servers allows you to quickly scale up to get your business up and running.
  • You only pay for the amount of storage you need to replicate your primary IT environment and a minimal amount of CPU and RAM.
  • You’re in control — you define the configuration required to rapidly spin up a failover IT environment to replace your primary environment.