How can the Cloud positively impact your business? Many businesses have begun developing and implementing strategies to leverage the Cloud to increase IT agility, accelerate time to implementation and dramatically reduce operating expenses, while also significantly improving their security and disaster recovery capabilities. The Cloud also increases IT productivity by enabling IT staff to focus on revenue-generating projects.

Our  Cloud Assessments are designed to help your company analyze, design and plan a move to the Cloud. From a simple implementation to a comprehensive enterprise program, our cloud experts can help your business create a complete solution that will quickly maximize the benefits of moving to the Cloud.

Our staff will initially engage with you to help you determine how your company can best benefit from the Cloud. They will begin by evaluating your business’s current IT infrastructure and applications as well as your requirements for the future, and will then develop a comprehensive strategy, migration and implementation plan to accelerate your time to value. In addition, an assessment can also be used to deeply analyze your server and network performance and utilization levels so you can make educated decisions on how much capacity and performance you will need without overbuying.

Upon completion of the Cloud Assessment, you’ll receive a findings report that will include, as specified, documented requirements, a current-state inventory, a future Cloud Design, a value proposition with achievable benefits to your business and a Cloud Migration Strategy that will meet or exceed your company’s business needs.

Cloud Assessments are the way smart, fast-moving businesses learn to leverage the Cloud as a strategic advantage in today’s highly competitive world.

  • Increase IT agility and scalability
  • Disaster recovery and security protection
  • Eliminate and reduce operating expense
  • Increase IT staff productivity — focus on revenue-generating projects
  • Stay current with technology as refreshes and upgrades happen within the Cloud
  • Define Cloud Environment Requirements
  • Define Business Requirements
  • Identify Risks
  • Define Migration Strategy
  • Process Led by Experienced Consultants