Whether your business needs to meet compliance requirements or you simply want the peace-of-mind that an expert 3rd party review of your IT infrastructure can provide, an Vulnerability & Security Assessment will meet the need.

An Vulnerability & Security Assessment can identify known network, operating system, web application and web server exploits or vulnerabilities with the use of automated tools. External vulnerability scans give customers an overall picture of the vulnerabilities present on their external network and assist in vulnerability risk management. You get an objective, qualified and certified 3rd party to examine your networks from the outside to identify security vulnerabilities.

IT Security Assessments evaluate an organization’s security framework against common industry standards as well as other companies of similar size, industry and geography. Overall assessment helps organizations reduce risk exposure, protect information assets and limit the impact of security-related events on business activity.


  • Physical Security — Access controls, DC controls, data disposal methods
  • Logical Security — User accounts & passwords
  • Servers & PCs — Software licenses, patch management, laptop security
  • Network Infrastructure — Core redundancy, change management, single points of failure
  • IT Security Policies, Procedures, Practices — Security, acceptable use, BC/DR planning, etc.
  • Internal Network Vulnerabilities — Patch and firmware levels, password management, etc.
  • External Network Vulnerabilities — Penetration testing, attack vulnerabilities, open ports
  • File Backup & Recovery — File backup and recovery procedures, offsite storage, and retention periods
  • End Point Security — Phone and tablet security, encryption, remote destruction
  • Wireless Network Security — Network identification, rouge networks, encryption
  • AV, Spyware, SPAM — Protection, content filtering, IDS/IPS
  • Social Engineering — Email and phone threats, security awareness training
  • Software Security — Mission-critical apps, changes and updates, testing