With Our Managed Firewall services you get ultimate peace of mind through monitoring and protection from the latest security threats. All businesses need to safeguard against threats like unauthorized network access, inappropriate web content and infected files and malware. Let our team help you select the right solution for your business applications and that enables you to enforce your company security policies. We know a majority of firewall breaches are caused by the misconfiguration of firewall rules and policies. That’s why our team of CISSP® and CISA® certified experts are ready to help you select the right solution and support your ongoing security needs.

We offers Hosted Network Security, which is a managed firewall service for customers providing network protection for inbound and outbound security threats and a Managed Firewall service, a device placed on-site at your location that will manage inbound and outbound security threats from the Internet.

Hosted Network Security:

  • Fully managed firewall that resides on our network to protect from both inbound and outbound security threats.
  • No hardware expenses – offers a shared hardware platform to reduce capital expenses

Managed Premises Firewall:

  • Firewall is placed at your location to protect from inbound and outbound security threats.
  • Manage security at individual locations
  • Customizable configurations available



Features Available:
Hosted Network Security
Managed Firewall
Stateful inspection ? ?
Antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware ? ?
Intrusion detection and protection ? ?
URL and content filtering ? ?
Category Based filtering ? ?
Application control ? ?
Unlimited policy changes ? ?
Monthly reporting ? ?
Self-serve portal ?
On-demand reporting ?
Configuration backup and restore ? ?
Security event monitoring and alerting ? ?
Performance and availability management ? ?
  • Protect against data theft
  • Increase productivity by preventing access to web content prohibited by company policy
  • Improve network performance by blocking data from non-approved sites, applications and content
  • Delivers proactive and not just reactive incident monitoring
  • Upgrade equipment and consolidate multiple appliances into one comprehensive package that remains up-to-date